Tool machinery supply and overhaul since 1948

CUCCHI S.p.A. staff has developed long-standing expertise in supplying TRADITIONAL SECOND-HAND CNC TOOL MACHINERIES of various types offering professionalism and efficiency in the attempt of fulfilling our customers’ needs.

CUCCHI S.p.A’s priority is to procure any type of tool machinery on the market as to fulfil our valued customers’ requests.

Our key points are:


High quality standards


History of the company

CUCCHI S.p.A. is based in Reggio Emilia. Since 1948 it has been involved in the trade and overhauling of tool machineries used in mechanical workings.

Selling high-quality tool machineries, projected to guarantee durable high-precision standards, is a source of pride for Cucchi S.p.A. which is also an assurance of trust-based and long-lasting relationships. Some of our valued contractors have been ordering our machines since the beginning of their activity and 40 years have passed since their first order!

The choice of relying on Cucchi S.p.A.’s professionality and proficiency will be a guarantee of high-quality and excellence.