Cookie Policy

In this extended information document are specifically and analitically described the cookies methods of use applied by the website:, as for the personal data processing of the users who access the website, being them identified or identifiable.

The information document includes all the elements required by art. 13 of Regulation UE 2016/679 and complies with the General Provision issued by Garante on 8th May 2014.

Processing Owner

Processing Owner CUCCHI S.P.A. MACCHINE UTENSILI – VIA DEI GONZAGA 48, 42124 Reggio Emilia e P. IVA: 00976740357, who takes advantage for such management of appointed or external subjects who are in charge for the processing.

Further information concerning the processing on the part of the website Owner are free for consultation at the Privacy Policy page of the website.

Cookies and pixel tracker set by the website throughout the browsing session may differ according to third parties’ browser, other already stored cookies, cache, accounts authenticated on other websites, social networks or search engines. Below mentioned tools are detected in case such conditions are not present.

Cookies definition and purpose.

A cookie is a small text file which the browsed website sends the user and stores on your device and that will be sent back to the same website every new visit. (own cookies of first part.). While browsing the website, the user may receive cookies from other websites or web servers on their device (c.d. third-party cookies.); that occurs because on the browsed website there may be elements such as images, maps, sounds, specif links to web pages of other domains that reside on server different from the one present on the requested webpage. In other words, those cookies that are set by a website different from the one being presently browsed.

Cookies duration may be limited to one single browsing session (c.d. session cookie), in this case they are automatically disabled the moment the user closes the browser; they may also have a predetermined duration, in which case, they will stay stored and active in the user’s hard disk until expiry date and will continue collecting information throughout other browsing sessions. permanent cookies).

Cookies may have different puroposes. Some are necessary to allow you to browse the Website and avail of all its features (c.d. Technical cookies). Other cookies may be used to obtain statistic information, in aggregate form or not, about the users browsing the website and how the website is used (c.d analysis cookies or analytical.). Eventually, other cookies may be used to draw a profile of the consumer-user and so display commercials the user may find interesting, being these consistent with the user’s tastes. marketing profiling cookies).

For more information about the different cookies categories, continue reading this information document. Find out how they operate and their puposes, and feel free to accept or reject them.


These cookies are tools installed to make particular features available, optimize the display on screen, keep the authentification or enhance security when browsing the website. Below are the technical cookies, specifying origin, expiry date, tool functionality, and the link to privacy policy ragarding this functionality supplier- script (c.d Editor).

Name Origin Function Expiry date Privacy policy
__lxG__consent__v2 First part Cookies used to retain the preferences about the use of cookies and prevent the banner from being desplayed in the following browsing sessions. 390 Days
__lxG__consent__v2_daisybit First part Cookies used to retain the preferences about the use of cookies and prevent the banner from being desplayed in the following browsing sessions. 390 Days
__lxG__consent__v2_gdaisybit First part Cookies used to retain the preferences about the use of cookies and prevent the banner from being desplayed in the following browsing sessions. 390 Days

N.B.: Cookie expiry date expirying within one day are indicated as “Session closing”


Analysis or analytical cookies are necessary to collect information and statistics concerning the browsing activity and the interactions between users and website and aim to evaluate, enhance, optimize and personalize the browsing experience. Not using these cookies will prevent the website owner from collecting information and feedbacks concerning the browsing activity which would be useful to improve future experiences. Viceversa such cookies are not able to profile users with the purpose of conducting advertising campaigns or marketing-focused actions. Below are listed the analytical cookies forwarded, specifying origin, expiry date and tool functionality, as well as eventual link to privacy policy related to the functionality supplier– script (c.d. Editor).

Name Origin Function Expiry date Privacy policy
_ga First part The cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify the user with a unique ID, anonimously. 730 Days
_gat_gtag_UA_*** First part Cookie used to identify single users and regulate the request flow to the website. Closing of the session
_gid First part Cookie used by Google Analytics to identify the session. 1 Day

N.B.: Cookie expiry date expirying within one day are indicated as “Session closing”


Profiling cookies generally aim to keep record of the user’s behaviour while browsing , as well as creating a profile according to particular parameters and include such profile in specific homogeneous categories in order to personalize commercials, ads or search engine results. Below are marketing-profiling cookies forwarded, specifying origin, expiry date, tool functionality, as well as eventual link to privacy policy related to the functionality supplier – script (c.d. Editor).

The website does not use marketing-profiling cookies.

social button e widget

Social buttons are particular “buttons” on the website representing social network symbols: (i.e Facebook and Twitter) and allow website users to interact directy with social platforms with a click.

Social buttons on the website are links that connect to the Owner’s account on the social network symbol. Third-parties’ cookies will not be installed if such buttons are used. Links where users can examine the privacy information document regarding data processing on the part of the Social network are reported:


Widget are spaces where, through a graphical interface, users are able to interact with an application, a program or another website. The use of such interfaces is subjected to the conditions and terms of use of the service issued by such interfaces, also in terms of data processing. Below is the list of widgets on the website:

Google Maps

TRACKing tools

Trackers (web beacon) are tools and technology useful to offer users thrilling and interconnected experiences. They are made of code fragments able to send information about the users to other digital services suppliers.

Trackers can use incoming information for different purposes, such as sending personalized commercial material, analysing and collecting statistics about the users’ browsing habits or making some services available on the website, such as the access to social network or to comment areas, and other functions. Most of the time the information collected are anonymous or pseudonymised; sometimes data do not undergo such kind of processing and directly identify a specific user.

Using this technology might delay the browsing experience further to make the confidentiality of your personal data more unclear. Paid and free services are available and allow to collect more information about the trackers and manage your own preferences about them, such as Ghostery (browser extension).

Name Origin Type Function of the tracker Privacy Policy
Google Analytics Google Website analyis It is used to collect information concerning browsing manners and habits on the part of the users for statistical purposes, and in order to optimize and improve the website.
Google Tag Manager Google Essential This tool is for creating a tag (code fragments) which, if activated, allows to collect and send information about the users’ browsing activity to other analysis tools.

Optional nature of provision

Plenty of the users’ data provisions, through cookies, are optional.

In order to manage your own preferences, according to the browser used (Edge, internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera) it is possible to connect to the website to remove them, or contact the direct addresses of the browser creators:

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera

When managing thier own cookies preferences, the User can avail of the information provided by EDAA ( or other similar services. Through this tool it is possible to manage your own preferences concerning a wide range of cookies and other tracking tools.

Please be informed that Google provides a tool which is able to set preferences in order to personalize commercials, connected to your own Google account, by clicking the following link:

Where provided, a web page dedicated to managing consents for cookies sent by the website, is available.

Should you not wish to be tracked by cookies or another similar browsing tracking tools, you are adviced to regularly cancel the browsing history, cache – browsed pages storing space, which will allows faster page upoloads during future sessions- and cookies stored in the browser; or else the user can set “private” browsing (which automatically cancel cookies, browsing history, browser cache at the end of each browsing session).

Personal data processing methods and retention

Personal data are processed by those automated tools and for the time needed to achieve the purposes previously explained.

Specific security measures are implemented in order to avoid data loss, illegal or improper uses and non authorized accesses.

Interested party’s rights

Please be informed of the existence of your right to require us toaccess to your personal data, data amendment, cancellation of the same, limit data processing about you , raise objection, to data processing data portability where applicable, analitically described and subjected to limits as referred to in artt.from 15 to 22 of RGPD and to artt. 2-undecies e 2-duodecies del D.lgs. 196/03 integrated with amendments made by D.lgs. 101/18 harmonisation to RGPD.

The user can exercise their own rights and know the third parties to whom data might be trasferred to by sending an email to:

In case the processing has legal basis (art. 6, § 1, lett. a) you are recognized the right to revoke it any moment without prejudice the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent previously granted.

You are recognized the right to lodge a complaint with Personal Data Protection Supervisor by sending a certified email to, or with the Competent Supervisory Authority of another country of the Union.

This information document was updated on: 25/03/2021