Bevel gear generating and planing machines

The Gleason bevel gear machine is a type of gear cutting machine used to manufacture bevel gears, which are gears with angled teeth that are often used in automotive and aerospace applications. The machine uses a cutting tool called a bevel gear cutter to shape the teeth of the gear.

The Gleason bevel gear machine is capable of producing a wide range of bevel gear sizes and shapes, and can handle both straight and spiral bevel gears. It uses a variety of cutting techniques, including face milling, face hobbing, and face hobbing with a tapered hob.

One of the key features of the Gleason bevel gear machine is its computer numerical control (CNC) system, which allows for precise control of the cutting process. The machine also includes a range of sensors and gauges to ensure that the gear is cut to the correct specifications.

Overall, the Gleason bevel gear machine is a highly precise and efficient gear cutting machine that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Its ability to produce complex bevel gear shapes with high precision makes it a valuable tool for a range of applications.

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