Vertical lathes

Vertical lathes are basic industrial machines used for machining metal, plastic and other solid materials. These machines are designed to perform turning operations, which consist of removing excess material from a blank and shaping it to the desired specifications.

Unlike conventional horizontal lathes, vertical lathes are oriented vertically, with the machine head moving along a vertical axis. This configuration offers several advantages. For example, it allows large workpieces to be machined with greater stability and precision, as the workpiece is supported by a sturdy platform. Furthermore, vertical lathes can perform a variety of operations, such as external and internal turning, milling, drilling and roughing, making them very versatile in an industrial context.

Due to their ability to machine complex parts and their precision, vertical lathes are widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment manufacturing and many others, contributing significantly to the production of critical components for a wide range of industrial applications. In summary, vertical lathes are an essential part of the modern manufacturing landscape, enabling the creation of high quality, precision parts to meet the needs of industry.

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